Assassin of the Free Time Agency
Rank or Companion position Assassin
Cause Of Death Not available
Mate Possibly Sol at one point, now currently Fyre
Physical attributes
Based off of Celaena Sardothien
Current Residence Everywhere
Description white she-cat; missing an eye

Pandora Edit

An assassin from the Free Time Agency, hired to kill the Doctor throughout his timeline, she repeatedly has failed, so kills Fire.

History Edit

Lizardstar's Pride Edit

Lizardfoot is tackled by her, who he then demands to know her name. She unsheathes her claws and tells him that he should know her because she killed Fyre. Lizardfoot tells her that he deserved to die after killing Fyre. She asks him that why he killed the mate of an assassin, and proceeds to tell him that he'd killed the wrong cat.

She introduces herself, and puts on tiger's claw blades, explaining what they did, before swiping at him and unfortunately missing. Lizardfoot tells her to try harder. She tries, and doesn't miss, and repeats what her weapons do.

Lizardfoot tackles her, and takes out her left eye. She retreats, and tells him that she'd be back soon, then leaves.

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Crisis In The Storm Edit

She is first seen watching the Doctor and Sparrowfang, and swears revenge on them before moving on.

As the Doctor hears a screech, he runs as far as Heather Clearing before being tackled by her.

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