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    The battle at the end of the book that the Doctor and The Master had. Due to The Master making it out alive with only a missing ear, he is the physical winner of the battle, as the Doctor regenerated into his next incarnation due to his injuries. The mental winner of this battle was the Doctor, as he did not lose his sanity from trauma after the battle. The Master grew to believe that everyone but him must be killed, and he inspired Tigerstar to become evil for him, not Thistleclaw.

    So it is unclear who exactly won the battle at the end of The Final Game.

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    January 2, 2016 by Starlingeyes

    During the apprentice's warrior ceremony, two major virtues of the apprentice are listed; the first is usually (but not always) courage. Some examples of virtues (and the warriors they described):

    • Bravery - Berrynose,[7] Bluestar,[11] Cherrytail,[12] Cinderheart,[13] Dustpelt,[14] Firestar,[15] Graypool,[16] Graystripe,[15]Lilyheart,[17] and Thistleclaw[4]
    • Courage - Brambleclaw,[18] Briarlight,[19] Brokenstar,[20] Cloudtail,[21] Ivypool,[22] Lionblaze,[13] Poppyfrost,[23]Raggedstar,[24] Rockshade,[25] Sandstorm,[26] Sharpclaw,[27] Snookthorn,[28] Sorreltail,[29] Sparrowpelt,[30] Spiderleg,[31] Squirrelflight,[8] Stick,[32] Willowbreeze,[16] and Yellowfang[33]
    • Cleverness - Willowbreeze[34]
    • Dedication - Lilyheart[35]
    • Determination – Brackenfur,[3…
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    December 23, 2015 by Starlingeyes

    Affiliated with 1st Doctor

    Based off of : Vicki

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