Thirteenth Doctor
Thirteenth Doctor
The Doctor
Decribed as white with brown spots, wings, and a bobbed tail
Clans and or/Tribes TimeClan, Singing Stones
Clan leader of TimeClan, Tribe of Singing Stones
Companions Ruby, Fire, Sparrowfang, Rainwhisker
Temporary companions Thornfeather
Other traits Flight, telepathy
Aliases Swiftwing
Preceded by none

The Thirteenth Doctor Edit

After regenerating in the company of his friends, the Doctor grew a bit more skeptical about the universe.

History Edit

Crisis in The Storm Edit

The Doctor has just regenerated after long suffering after the injures he sustained as the Twelfth Doctor after the storm in the Tribe of Singing Stones, and he looks at his paws as his companions Fire, Ruby, and Sparrowfang stare at him in amazement. He ruffles his wings, realizing he has them, and freezes as Ruby shrieks that he looks like a 'FREAKING PUPPY!" as she bounces up and down in excitement.

Thirteen proceeds to ask Sparrowfang if his regeneration went wrong, but his daughter tells him he has markings like a bird-dog.

He asks Ruby to take her mask off, but the young cat refuses, and he runs to the wardrobe.

The Doctor is heard running back to the control room as Sparrowfang attempts to fly them home, but due to him not used to balancing with a bobbed tail, he skids, and falls. He appears a moment later, rubbing his head, and warns Sparrowfang not to touch the controls, but the she-cat tells him that she was going to take them back to TimeClan.

He tries, but can't remember, so Sparrowfang shoves him off and takes them to TimeClan anyway.

Halfway to TimeClan, the Doctor is now absorbed in his thoughts, before Ruby snaps him out of it with a slap across his face.

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Wolves of Sisterhood Edit

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