Twelfth Doctor
12th Doctor
The Doctor
Decribed as Dark Gray
Clans and or/Tribes TimeClan, Tribe of Singing Stones
Clan leader of TimeClan, Tribe of Singing Stones
Companions Clara, Sparrowfang
Temporary companions Ruby
Other traits Fierce Determination
Aliases Stoneteller, Timestar, Swift

History Edit

In Missing; The Return of the 456 Edit

The Doctor is first seen sulking in the TARDIS when Sparrowfang walks in asking if he's okay. He lies to her, saying that he is. When Sparrowfang doesn't believe him, but he insists that he is fine, but Sparrowfang still doesn't care. He tells her that if she had that look on her face that he would wipe it off for her.

He changes the subject, asking where they are, and when Sparrowfang describes it to him, he confirms that it's SkyClan.

They are confronted by a patrol as they walk out. After they are confronted about the missing apprentice Goldenpaw, they folow after the patrol.

The Doctor interrupts the SkyClan cats' meeting, deducing the only way that the apprentice could go missing was due to aliens. He confirms that he is an alien himself, before heading back to the TARDIS to search for his 2000-Year Diary.

He is frustrated when he is attempting to search for his diary, but can't find it. Purple Rose appears, asking him why she didn't recognize her when he heard her. The Doctor goes searching for the box, even though he knows he's been unsuccessful, and he gives up, asking Purple Rose for the book. She gives it to him, saying she has to go, but he asks her to stay behind. He grows nostalgic, wondering to himself why his mate had to die so young, and as Purple Rose disapears, he lays his head down on the console and cries.

Trivia Edit

The Doctor lost his sight due to being exposed to the vacuum of space, but gained it back when his companion, Bill begged for it.

  • In an alternate timeline, he gained it back when Erlin enchanted his sight back.[1]
  • He was knocked unconscious during the storm, suffering a mortal brain injury and regenerating, so his memories of the storm are different than what actually happened.

References Edit

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